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Hope everyone is enjoying summer and getting a chance to get out of the house. We decided to take some time in between outings this month to update our website. We hope you like the new layout and find it easier to navigate to the shop.

Michael has been busy working on a large project refurbishing furniture.  It is one thing to design and build from scratch, quite another to take someone else's end product, strip it down, repair, and then finish it. Knowing what products to use to help stripping of the old varnish and stain, finding just the right mix of epoxy and wood filler, matching new wood to old has kept him busy for the past month.

With some of the reclaimed wood from our old cedar fence (taken down due to safety issues with the strong wins we receive) Michael made Kat a couple of planter boxes she is having fun painting. She is looking forward to using them during next year's planting season in Colorado.

Kat is working on finalizing her design for an all purpose gift bag. Last year she decided to help reduce the foot print of wrapping presents with paper and to create gift bags from fabric. She tried to create each bag with the individual in mind. Some times they make it back to her to use again and again, but more often then not, the receiver of the gift decides to use the bag when gifting to another.  Look for the plans to be posted on the site towards the end of August. 

Michael is working on trying to convince Kat is it time for her to start "talking" on camera.. We will see if he will succeed. Until then, you can check out our MKDesigns youtube channel to see all the fun Michael is having in his shop here

Until next time, Happy Creating

Michael and Kat



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