Rotating Rack/Spinning Shoe Rack

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This standalone rotating/spinning rack is 21" in diameter, and each shelf has spaces for 6 pairs of shoes, and is available in multiple configurations. The shelves are 9" apart and the openings are 9.5" wide at the front.

This rack can be multi functional. It can store your shoes, art supplies, fabric, or just about anything you can imagine in a single 21" footprint.

The multi section versions rotate independent of each other. It comes shipped conveniently flat packed and is very easy to assemble. The connectors used in this design are of the highest quality and will last a lifetime. Assembly instructions are included via tutorial video on YouTube. You will also have access to me personally to help with any questions during assembly via email, chat, or phone.

This rack comes in the following combos:

  • 9' (Pictured)- 8' 4" actual height - 2 sections with 5 Shelves each - $2,500.00
  • 7' - 7' 1" actual height - 2 Sections with 4 Shelves each - $2,100.00
  • 5' - 5' 1" actual height - 1 Section with 5 shelves - $1,800.00
  • 4' - 4' 2" actual height - 1 Section with 4 shelves - $1,700.00
  • Custom sizes also available just contact me.

It can be painted almost any color you would want. Simply contact me after purchase if you would like a different color than white.

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